About Me

“Zero Waste is a philosophy based on a set of practices aimed at avoiding as much waste as possible”. – Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Home

When I was in the 3rd grade I knew that I wanted to be in the environmental field as a career. I was an Environmental Studies major in undergrad and went on to study Conservation Biology in graduate school. I have managed my own biological field stations in remote areas of South America and I have studied impacts of human encroachment on wildlife in Africa and the United States. I was vegetarian for eight years, biked everywhere, and moved a lot and therefore didn’t own many things. I thought I was doing everything I should be doing to lead a sustainable lifestyle. But then my husband and I settled down in a fun neighborhood in Minneapolis, and became sedentary, and I began to notice changes. My recycling bin was always full (I thought that was a good thing), and our household of two people and a dog generated a few bags of trash a week (which I felt was pretty minimal). But then I was exposed to the philosophy of Zero Waste, and I realized that I was generating tons of trash without giving it a second thought. I was voting with my dollars, and voting for packaged carrots, lettuce, and so many other items, which meant I was supporting the increase of toxins in my food from plastic, the expansion of landfills to accommodate waste, and the dumping of trash in the oceans. After being exposed to the Zero Waste philosophy I became empowered to reduce my amount of waste and impact on the environment and to educate others.

And that brings me to here. To now.

I have just begun this journey and I am excited (and a bit nervous) to be open and real here and share with you my thoughts, experiences, and stories, while I am on this path to decreasing my waste with the eventual goal to get as close to zero as I can.

I hope that this website inspires you to be more sustainable, in whatever way it works for you. There is no wrong way. I hope Zero Wasted empowers you to educate yourself and make thoughtful choices.

This blog, like my life, is a work in progress. I welcome your comments and feedback.

I hope to see you in the bulk aisle!







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